1 Bible Study Overview

Bible Studies are another one of the many ways we are striving to equip and grow each other at Marysville First Church. The variety of studies provide the ideal setting for you to make new friends who will encourage, challenge, and support you in your journey of faith. You will discover the joy of learning how the Bible connects with your every-day living as you strive to follow Jesus Christ. Click on one the links below to find out about each of the studies and prayerfully consider where you can get involved.Bible Study Offerings

  • Do you feel intimidated when people start talking about what the Bible says?
  • Are you confused by all those names, tribes and kingdoms?
  • Do you need some help disciplining yourself to a daily scripture reading?
  • Or maybe you're just looking for some Christian fellowship while digging into the word?

Then we have the place to be!  Click on the tabs to see all of our offerings . . .

For more information please call the church at: 937-642-4712

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