Life Groups

What is a Group?

A LIFE Group is a place for:


A LIFE Group Mission Statement


The purpose of Marysville First United Methodist LIFE Groups is to create and maintain a small group atmosphere in which group members can experience authentic growth in their relationship with God and one another.

Why does Marysville First have LIFE Groups?


At First United Methodist, we believe that there is both Biblical and practical support for the existence of small groups within the local church. In the Old Testament, God dealt with Israel on a national level; however, He also addressed needs on a reduced level via the establishment of tribes, families/clans and households. In the New Testament, the life of Jesus, and His prioritization of small groups, presents a convincing rationale for the benefit of involvement in this capacity. Furthermore, the experiences of the early church demonstrate the profound value of small groups in meeting the identified needs of individuals.

Why should I be involved in LIFE Group?


It has been said that churches should endeavor to grow larger and smaller at the same time. The intention of this statement is that, while churches naturally desire to achieve numerical growth, this growth often complicates efforts to attend to the holistic needs that are represented within a church family. As a result, "growing smaller" places an emphasis upon the establishment of small group communities that are uniquely capable of addressing areas of spiritual and personal need, while encouraging authentic growth. With this in mind, one's involvement in a LIFE Group creates an opportunity to have spiritual and practical needs addressed and to serve one another in an atmosphere of Biblical community.

How can I get involved in a LIFE Group?


LIFE Group participation is available and encouraged among those within our church family. Marysville First Church has a variety of groups that meet in accordance with geographical considerations and/or issues of affinity. Our group leadership is gradually expanding in order to accommodate interest in LIFE Groups, and we desire to help people find a group that is most likely to be successful in offering them positive growth and relational experiences.

For more information about LIFE Groups, please contact the church office: 937-642-4712 or click here to find out nights and contact info.



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