Marysville Winter Bluegrass -- Update -- 2016


The Marysville Winter Bluegrass Series is hosted by the United Methodist Men, and all proceeds from ticket sales go to support the mission work of the United Methodist Men.  



Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The 2016 Bluegrass Concert series has come to an end for this year and we want to inform you of the results.  It is only with the support of our church, the concert attendees, the bands, and the many spirited volunteers that we are able to report such a wonderful outcome from this collective effort.

This year, the United Methodist Men were able to distribute $34,610.24 to the following:

· The United Methodist District Superintendent for the greater Havana, Cuba area was given $15,000 so that he could purchase an automobile to service the more than 200 active churches and home churches active in and around Havana.  Up to now, District Superintendent Guillermo Leon Mighthy, who spoke at our church several months ago, has made his rounds by bicycle, walking, or hitch-hiking.

· ECHO was presented with a check for $17,500 to further their outreach program to Cuba.  With these funds, they will develop food-plant strains specifically adapted to Cuba’s growing environment, and then introduce them to the Cuban farming community to enhance their indigenous food supply.

· The new church plant that our church has undertaken in Cuba has been aided by $2,110.24 from this year’s receipts.

An additional $2,960.60 from the sale of food will remain with our UMM for local outreach and near-term needs such as the scholarship, VBS support, postage for military packages, etc.

God has richly blessed the outcomes from the bluegrass concerts.  In just three years, there has been slightly over $100,000 collected from event tickets and food sales.  Beyond the financial gifts that have been made, thousands of people have come through the doors of our church to hear a musical message that has been delivered in a place of worship.  Individuals who have filled out prayer cards or come to the prayer table have been lifted up in prayer.  And the many volunteers have met new friends and strengthened ties with existing friends through the fellowship of working together.  We give thanks to God for all that has been provided through this outreach ministry.

There will be a 2017 Bluegrass Concert Series.  The program is already being put together.  We hope to see you on a winter Friday night early next year either as a ticket holder or, better yet, as a helping volunteer to enjoy the fantastic experience of a bluegrass concert here at the Marysville FUMC.

Your UMM Brothers in Christ


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