Commitment Sunday - 11/18


COMING SOON — Commitment Sunday – November 18, 2018

What is Commitment Sunday? Commitment Sunday is a chance to participate fully in the ministries of FUMC by making a pledge to support the 2019 operating budget. The book of Proverbs makes a convincing case for generosity, stating that it honors God, benefits others, and blesses the giver. We will be able to demonstrate through our pledge whether we have taken this teaching to heart.

How does Commitment Sunday work? For three weeks in early November, Pastor Aaron will help us prayerfully consider our pledges as he preaches on the Wisdom of Generosity.

 We will be encouraged by testimonies of others whose stories will challenge us to ask, “What is God calling me to give?”

 During the Commitment Sunday service on Nov. 18th, we will be given a confidential Pledge Card that is turned in toward the end of worship (advance copies are available at the office or information centers).

 Your commitment will help us set a realistic budget for 2019, allowing us to Love God and All People for the Transformation of the World.


What if I don’t feel comfortable with Commitment Sunday? Participation is voluntary. The procedure is done in such a way that no one will feel embarrassment should they choose not to fill out a card.

 All commitments are strictly confidential.

 No home solicitation will be done, but we will send a follow-up letter to our members and regular attendees who cannot attend on Nov. 18th.


How much should I pledge? It is up to each person to search their heart and seek God’s direction to decide how much to give. The Bible speaks of tithing, which has long been understood to mean to pay a tenth of one’s income. The sermons, testimonies and literature will help you make a decision that fits for you and your family.

What if I make a pledge and my situation changes? We recognize that financial situations change. If you find yourself unable to fulfill your pledge, you may contact our Financial Secretary to adjust it.

Should my children pledge separately? They certainly may! Once your children understand the value of money, they may want to join you in making an annual pledge. They can receive offering envelopes and giv-ing statements just like you.

What if I can’t be there on Nov. 19th? If you cannot attend, you may put your pledge card in the offering plate on another Sunday or return it to the church office (Attention Carol Reed, Financial Secretary). You may also send your pledge by email to .