Leadership Team Invitation

Are You Interested in Serving on

the Leadership Team?


The Leadership Team is the chief administrative team for our congregation. Some of the important work of the Leadership Team:


  • Meet on the third Tuesday evening for 3 hours to do the work outlined below (approximately 3 hours per month).
  • You may also be asked to serve on  a task team for a specific task
  • Oversee the vision of the church ensuring that all ministry teams are free of administrative burdens in order to focus on the mission of their ministry
  • Oversee all administrative policies.
  • Approve and oversee the annual budget.
  • Approve the hiring, salaries and benefits of staff.
  • Approve all land acquisitions, facility construction and significant legal obligations.
  • Conduct evaluations of the pastoral staff.
  • Assure that the Book of Discipline is upheld.


What traits are required for the Leadership Team?

  • Compassion:  Evidence of love for Jesus Christ and people.  
  • Competence:   Skills consistent with administrative tasks.
  • Commitment:   Commitment to the vision of FUMC by:
    • Membership at Marysville FUMC
    • Regular attendance in worship services
    • Service in the church 
    • Financial giving to the church


  • Character:  Traits consistent with those listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 for an Elder.  (This does not preclude women from being members of the Leadership Team.)


Application for the Leadership Team 

Any church member who desires to serve our church family on the Leadership Team is to submit a letter of interest and engage in an interview process.  In your letter of interest, please tell us about yourself and include answers to these questions:


  1. Why are you interested in serving on the Leadership Team?
  2. In what ways have you served/participated in the ministries of Marysville First United Methodist Church in the last 5 years?
  3. How do your spiritual gifts, personality, passions, abilities and experiences prepare you for service in the administrative roles of the Leadership Team?
  4. What do you see as God’s purpose for Marysville First UMC?


Please submit your letter to aaron@marysvillefumc.org or to the church office by October 14, 2018.    Interviews will take place during October and November, and the nomination of new members to the Leadership Team will be given to the church conference on Monday, December 3.  All church members are encouraged to come and vote on the election of new members for the Leadership Team.