Memory Verse Prayer Guide - May 2018

Memory Verse Prayer Guide
May 2018

This prayer guide is prepared each month to assist you in applying the current month’s memory verse. You are encouraged to use it in small groups, Sunday school class and as individuals.

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to do.      Acts 2:4


Heavenly Father, please give me the desire to open my spirit, heart, and mind to know what it means to be “filled by the Holy Spirit.”  (Pause and pray silently for a fresh filling of the Spirit in your life and in those around you.)  You want to use me to share with others in our church family to build and equip us for the good of all. Draw us together in a kind of unity that empowers us by a common devotion to share the wondrous love of God.    Amen


Lord, thank you for the trust and fearless conviction the apostles had to speak out so boldly and clearly about the message of salvation even to people who did not understand their language. Through Your power, Lord, use even me as Your channel to express and explain the exciting Good News of Christ on the same wavelength, the same level, the same lingo as people I meet. May I speak the language of Your unconditional love.   (Pause to pray silently for a Most Wanted List and those who do not yet know God’s love in a personal way.)  Amen


Lord, enable me to respond to opportunities to share with others about Jesus the Savior. Give me the courage to share in a simple way how You have made a difference in my own life, attitude, actions, and decisions. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and enable me to speak effectively and with passion about Your wondrous forgiveness, grace and never-ending love. Thank You, Lord.    Amen

Father, unleash the power of the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual breakthrough in my life, in our church family, and in our community.  Fill us with humility, unity, and passion.  Let your kingdom come and your will be done.  May the name of Jesus be held in high honor in all that we say and do.  Amen.


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