(Approved via Administrative Council, March 2015)


If weather emergencies are declared by a local or state governmental body, the following procedures will be in place:


· Level 1 – Programs run as normal.

· Level 2 – All children and youth programs will be cancelled except Sunday mornings; adult programs will be held at the discretion of the group leadership.

· Level 3 – All programs are cancelled, the church building will be closed.



This applies to all groups utilizing the Church facility except the

Pre-School which will follow the school system’s direction.

· Sunday morning cancellations are to be determined by the Senior Pastor, the Chairperson for the Trustees and the Church Administrator. 

· Families are always encouraged to use their own discretion for event participation. 

· All cancellations will be posted on the Church website, social media and communicated via e-mail (for special events). 

· If a level emergency is lifted within an hour of the said event, cancellation will remain in place.