Praise God! The conference came through with a grant of 15,000 dollars for seed money for a new mobile ministry that is taking shape here at MFUMC!

In case you haven’t heard, the Ministries Team has been led to begin an out-of-the-church-doors ministry to the town of Marysville and beyond. It might resemble a ministry begun over 25 years ago in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. An innovative pastor, Bill Wilson, with a heart for Christ and for children began an outreach in this inner-city neighborhood which included box trucks with a side cut out so it folded out into a stage. These would be set up in the street or in a parking lot and staff members would lead a Christian presentation for kids right out in public. That idea has spread all over the world and now the Lord has led us to see what He has for us to do in this area.

There will be many challenges in fulfilling God’s call in this new ministry. We need to raise money ourselves to match the conference funds in meeting the needs of this mobile ministry. Our goal is to raise an additional 10,000 dollars for a total of 25,000 dollars. We will have our first opportunity to help achieve this goal through our special Christmas offering so watch for that! There will also be people needed to modify the truck (yet to be obtained) and to install the power, sound, and staging elements needed to make the truck into a moveable church. Then we need people to actually go out and both publicize and present programs that will make the Gospel real and relevant to those who may never otherwise so much as hear the name of Jesus. Of course the truck and equipment will need ongoing maintenance and repair. All this means that, YES, there is a place for YOU somewhere in this dynamic new ministry!

Over 25 years ago I heard Bill Wilson speak at a pastor’s conference in Los Angeles. In one of the most moving sermons I have ever heard, he told about the positive effects of this form of outreach. He told us that these mobile trucks and their bus ministry reached over 15,000 children every week. Not only did they reach kids in the street but each child who attended got a visit by a staff member every week in their home to assess their needs. He said, “It sounds like I’m lying but I’m not. It just takes a lot of work.”

What Pastor Wilson is doing may not be how the Lord has called us to use this new mobile ministry but what he said still applies – “It is going to take a lot of work.”  May God give us the strength and resolve to fulfill the vision he has for us in this exciting new direction for Marysville First!

Pastor Bill Kelley, Director of Pastoral Care