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As recommended by the Imagine Team and approved by the Leadership Team, a new Ministries Team has been established.   Pastor Aaron met with pastoral staff, some other staff members and two members of the Imagine Team to prayerfully seek who might serve on the new Ministries Team.  They sent personal invitations to several people.  The following have agreed to serve on the team:

  • Pastors:  Aaron, Peggy, Bill
  • Staff Members: Mark Confer, Kelli Fink, Director of Contemporary & Youth Worship (when hired)
  • Imagine Team Members:  Greg Williams
  • Other Members:  Trudy Wilkerson, Vanessa Cooke, Bob Mohler, Jill Young, Jaclyn Koester

The team currently meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 9:00 – 11:00 am.

The team has established the following vision statement

The Ministries Team will support and empower the congregation of FUMC in ministry opportunities that are in accordance with the church’s vision and four key strategies (Engage, Connect, Equip, and Send).

The work of the Ministries Team will:   

  1. assure that all ministries are in line with our vision, values and strategies;
  2. offer support for all ministries of FUMC, but will not impose on ministries that are functioning efficiently.(Example: WIM, UMM, Scouts);
  3. encourage various ministry teams to use the "Love Learn Lead" method for team meetings;
  4. be the place for various ministries to collaborate on schedules, finances and other things;
  5. be the place where new ministries are birthed;
  6. present a budget for all ministries to the Leadership Team, and will allocate funds to ministries;
  7. assess ministry needs at FUMC and strategize and prioritize how those needs can be met; and
  8. create short-term task teams for a specific ministry event (Example:  Easter at the Pavilion), or ongoing teams for a specific area of ministry (Example:  Prayer Team).

The long-term goal of the Ministries Team is to oversee four ministry teams that focus on the four key strategies (Engage, Connect, Equip, Send).  Each of these teams will then coordinate other ministries that help the church to serve in that particular strategy.

The immediate goals of the Ministries Team are to:

  1. establish a team covenant;
  2. recruit and oversee a Worship Assessment Team;
  3. recruit team to attend Breakthrough Prayer Seminar;
  4. create a catalogue of current ministries at FUMC; and
  5. assess ministry needs at FUMC, and strategize and prioritize how those needs can be met.

We ask for your patience as the Ministries Team works to establish and re-establish ministry opportunities in our congregation.