Our E-Giving provider (NCS) has installed a new “platform”, which is now live.  The old platform will work through October 1st, and then it will be taken down.  All information (including transaction history*, recurring schedules, and donor profiles) is being transferred from the old to the new platform, so this should be a seamless adjustment for you other than getting to know the look and feel of the new platform.  Our church website will be updated by October 1st with the link to the new platform, but in the meantime I have provided the link below.  I have also provided a link to a Donor Giving Overview Video, a tutorial that you may find helpful.  Please note, however, that there are a few features shown that we do not utilize because we do not accept credit or debit cards (Quick Give, Card Information, and Processing Fees).  Please contact me with any questions or concerns, and never hesitate to call me at home if you cannot track me down at the church.

*Regarding transaction history – NCS is in the process of transferring the transaction history to the new platform.  All historical transactions are recorded in our church contribution system and all deposits are going to the bank on schedule, but NCS promises me the new platform will be up-to-date by October 2nd.  I am watching this very carefully.

Link for new platform -- http://giving.ncsservices.org/mfumc

Link for Donor Giving Overview Video


Carol Reed, Financial Secretary carol@marysvillefumc.org

642-4712 x107 (church), 642-0909 (hm)