One of the powerful ways that God speaks to us is through the personal testimony of those we know and trust. As we continue our study in the first eight chapters of Acts, we would like to hear some of you share how God has been working in your life. Your testimony should be 2-5 minutes and can be given live, or we would be happy to video your testimony. Here are some of the specific testimonies we are looking for:

June 3: Hearing from God. We are looking for a testimony of when God spoke very clearly to you through a dream, vision, word of prophecy or other means?


June 24: Baptism We are looking for a testimony of the impact of baptism in your life.


July 8: Healing We are looking for those who can give a testimony of God’s healing or lessons learned when God did not heal.


July 15: Grace Do you have a story when you were amazed by God’s grace?


August 5: Persecution Have you experienced persecution as you follow Jesus?


August 26: Salvation We would love to have several 2-minute testimonies on how you came to follow Jesus.


If you are interested or have questions, please contact Pastor Aaron. Email him at aaron@marysvillefumc.org or call the church office at 937-642-4712.