Our Church Leadership

Below is the list of our Church Leadership. If you would like to know more about these positions or are interested in one of the open positions please contact the church office or talk to one of the Pastors. *Click name to send email (if email is available).

Business Administrator : Kelli Fink

Church Pastor : Rev. Aaron Brown

Class of 2020 : Carol Chandler

Class of 2020 : Chris Runyan

Class of 2019 : Bill DeLong

Class of 2019 : Carrie Bremer

Class of 2019 : Don Bailey

Class of 2018 : Andy Zweizig

Class of 2018 : Dave Speicher

Class of 2018 : Josiah Robinson

Class of 2018 : Sue Irwin

Class of 2019/Chair : Jen Rychlik

Staff Member : Kelli Fink

Staff Member : Mark Confer

Staff Member : Matt Whitworth

Pastor : Rev. Aaron Brown

Imagine Team Representative : Greg Williams

Member at Large : Jill Young

Member at Large : Trudy Wilkerson

Member at Large : Bob Mohler

Member at Large : Jaclyn Koester

Member at Large : Vanessa Cooke

Lay Leader : Chris Runyan

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Linda Brown

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Karli McDonald

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Dave Speicher

Scouting Coordinator : Karen Chuvalas

United Methodist Men Chair : Brad Rine

Women In Missions Chair : Anita Tiller

Women In Missions Vice-Chair : Nina Lee Hampton