News & Events

The Leadership Team is the chief administrative team for our congregation.  Some of the most important work of the Leadership Team includes:


Charge Conference -- Voted to sell the Parsonage at 1780 Creekview Drive.  $100,000 of the sale proceeds will be placed in an escrow fund for a future Pastor housing allowance, $4,634.28 will be used to repay the internal debt for the original purchase of the home, and the balance will be placed into the capital improvement fund.

Since its formation in April, the Ministries Team has established its purpose/vision, covenant, and format.  In keeping with its purpose, the MT set out to identify current FUMC ministries, as well as assess what ministries are needed.  A brochure that catalogs ministries by strategies (Engage, Connect, Equip, Send) is near completion and will be available  soon.

The Crusaders Sunday School class will be serving on July 2nd!