Men's Ministry

The United Methodist Men (UMM) provides a place for men to grow spiritually and enjoy good fellowship with other men in the church. For more information on the activities of the UMM, please contact either Brad Rine by clicking here or Chris Runyan  by clicking here or check the Information Centers of the Burnside Family Life Center and the Sanctuary; or call the church office at 937-642-4712.


United Methodist Men exists to declare the centrality of Christ in every man's life. Men's ministry leads to the spiritual growth of men and effective discipleship. This purpose is served as men are called to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ.

Four Commitments of United Methodist Men

  • Spiritual growth of every man in the local church.
  • A few men in every church to support and encourage pastors through prayer and service.
  • Call and equip all men to have at least one godly friend with whom they are accountable as disciples of Christ, and to encourage men to build friendships across racial and cultural lines.
  • Declare young people our new mission field and call and equip adults to lead young people into authentic Christian adulthood.


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