Rev. William S. Kelley

Director of Pastoral Care, x102

I have lived in many parts of our great country.  I was born in 1950 in Wolfeboro, NH, my dad's hometown, one of the oldest resort towns in America, on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.  When I was five my parents moved down Rt. 66, the Mother Road, to Grants, NM.  Dad walked into a hotel, saw the clerk with a six shooter on the counter in front of him, and was about to turn around and take us back where we came from.  He went out and told mom.  She said, "O, Charlie".  She had been raised in Canon City, CO.  It was no big deal to her.  My school had two buildings; a new one being built by Anaconda for whom my dad worked, and one built in the late 1800's.  The latter had wood stoves in the middle of each room and a shed latrine out back, all surrounded by barbed wire fencing to keep the cattle out and us students in. It kept the cattle out OK, but didn't keep us in very well.  We were always breaking out to go to the candy store there in the town of Bluewater. When you walked into class after lunch munching candy, people knew what was up including the teacher.

When I was in fifth grade my family moved to Bayside, Queens, New York City.  I traded barbed wire fences for hurricanes, and  my jeans and flannel shirts for dress slacks, white shirts and ties; yes, ties for public school.  The day I graduated from Bayside High my parents moved to Weed Heights, NV, a copper mining town east of Carson City, and I went to Arizona State University, graduating with a degree in Economics and a minor in International Relations.  I came east to attend OSU and earn my MBA, and also got my Mr.  I met Sharon at King's Way Fellowship toward the end of my first year, and we were married six months later.  During my college years, I also had a growing relationship with Jesus which culminated in God calling me to the ministry a few years out of college.  There is a lot of history behind that; I will tell you if you ask.

I have served churches of many sizes, from a three-point charge south of Hillsboro to giant Reynoldsburg outside of Columbus, but spent the last fifteen years at a blessed little church, Emery Chapel, just south of Springfield.  While there, I served the District as chair of Church Building and Location, and the Springfield Emmaus Community as Spiritual Director.  I continue to serve as Emmaus Spiritual Director.

Now we will see what the Lord will have for us here at First Church.  Things have sure begun in an exciting way with this Cuba project.  I can hardly wait to see what else is in store!

Pastor Bill