2021 Churchwide Bible Reading Plan

Join us this year in reading the Bible in One Year. We will start on the first Sunday in January, but if you start later than that no worries. 

This can be done three ways - by picking up a packet by downloading it, by doing it online, or through the app. 

PDF Download - Use this printable PDF (or pick one up at church) - Click here!

Online Access - Use your device to view it on Bible.com's website. Click here!

iPhone or iPad App - Watch the video below on how to download and use the app. 

Don't forget to get connect with a group on Facebook or Zoom below the video! 



Facebook Group, “The Love-First Bible Reading Plan” – You can search for this group on Facebook and join right away! This is a foundational place for weekly updates, links to videos relating to the Bible reading plan, and an easy way to connect with others at whatever time works best for you throughout the week. Facilitated by Kathy Rohrs and Pastor Nathan.

Groups via Zoom: Online AND telephone - You can use your computer, tablet, mobile smart phone, OR regular telephone to join the weekly discussion in any of these groups! (For telephone, call the number, then enter the numbers for the meeting ID and password / passcode when prompted.)