Our Leadership Team

Here is our Church Leadership Team: 

Class of 2020 : Carol Chandler***

Class of 2020 : Chris Runyan

Class of 2020 Chair : Ellen Traucht*

Class of 2020 : Dick McConnell****

Class of 2021 : Dave Speicher

Class of 2021 : Kara George

Class of 2021 : Nathan Young**

Class of 2021 : Nathan Stackhouse

Class of 2022 : Carrie Bremer

Class of 2022 : Phillip Connolly

Class of 2022 : Phil Morrison

Class of 2022 : Dan Fancey

Non-voting members:

Lead Pastor : Nathan Custer

Business Administrator : Lisa Nichols

* = Chair of Leadership Team

** = Vice-Chair of Leadership Team

*** = SPRC Chair

**** = Trustee Chair

Ministries Team

The Ministry Team will support and empower the congregation of FUMC in ministry opportunities that are in accordance with the church’s vision and four key strategies

(Engage, Connect, Equip, and Send).


Lead Pastor : Rev Nathan Custer

Pastor : Rev. Peggy McErlean-Hoy
Pastor : Mark Confer

Staff Member : Linda Forry

Staff Member : Lisa Hughes

Staff Member: Alissa Heveron

Staff Member:  Lisa Nichols

Member at Large : Bob Mohler

Member at Large : Jaclyn Koester

Member at Large : Vanessa Cooke

Member at Large : Kiersten Traucht

Member at Large : Nancy Yoder

Member at Large : Mary Anne Wenner

Member at Large : Lacy Rogers

Member at Large:  Beverly Gage

Contact the Ministries Team by emailing them at ministriesteam@marsyvillefumc.org

Other Ministry Leadership

Lay Leader : Chris Runyan

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Sue Irwin

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Michael George

Lay Member - Annual Conference : Dave Speicher

Scouting Coordinator : Karen Chuvalas

Women In Missions Chair : Anita Tiller

Women In Missions Vice-Chair : Nina Lee Hampton